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Mr and Mrs Smith's 6th Grade Life Science
Glenview Middle School,  East Moline, IL
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Use Eagle Days Web Page  to complete Eagle Quest


Mr and Mrs Smith's 6th Grade Life Science Lesson Plans

Lecture.gif - 2227 Bytes TeacherFemale.GIF (1048 bytes) Mr and Mrs Smith's 2008-2009 Prentice Hall Life Science Lesson Plans

Open Book gif Amphibians

Day 1
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Amphibians: Eyewitness Video
Day 5
Magnify0b.gif - 341 Bytes
Frog Futures Game
Day 2
readme.gif (802 bytes) Prentice Hall 382-386
Pencil.gif (1165 bytes)RSG 11-3 Amphibians
Day 6-9
filmstrip.gif (6075 bytes) Frog Dissection PowerPoint
  Frog Sandwich
Day 3
Lecture.gif - 2227 Bytes Frogs: Reproduction, Anatomy,
and Malformed Frogs
filmreel.gif (313 bytes) The Last Frog on Safari Montage
Day 10-11
Magnify0b.gif - 341 Bytes   Frog Dissection
Day 4
Lecture.gif - 2227 Bytes Frogs: Anatomy&
and Malformed Frogs
Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Comapring Amphibans Using
a Venn Diagram
Day 12
braininjar.gif (1615 bytes) Dissection Evaluation
Day 13
braininjar.gif (1615 bytes) Test: Fish & Amphibians

  Earth.gif (6650 bytes)    SmithLifeScience  Web Sites of the Month.

frog icon

Virtual Frog Dissection   You can interactively dissect a (digitized) frog named Fluffy, make movies, and play the Virtual Frog Builder Game.

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