Glenview Middle School Science
Dear Students
There is a proposed bond issue for plant renovations and town officials feel the citizens of East Moline need to be better informed about the current water treatment facility, proposed changes, and its expected benefits and costs. Unfortunately many people in East Moline are unfamiliar with the important work our waste water treatment department does. Town officials would like to hire a marketing firm to help educate voters in East Moline about this water treatment plant. Since you have been studying water pollution and its effects on our environment, I thought you may be well qualified to act as designers for this information campaign to educate East Moline's citizens.
Specifically, this information campaign should include:

  1. A thorough explanation of how our waste water treatment plant works.
  2. Test results indicating the quality of water discharged from the plant.
  3. An explanation of the conditions which are necessitating changes at our plant.
  4. An explanation of how the plant could be improved to upgrade the quality of water discharged.
  5. Cost comparison showing current costs and projected costs to upgrade the facility and how much these costs will affect the taxpayer.
  6. Conclusion stating whether the benefits of improving the facility are worth the additional cost.

This information should be presented in a way that interests the voting public, is easily understandable to them, is potentially eye-catching, and can reach a wide range of the community.
I think you are eminently qualified for this challenge. Good luck!

Your teacher,
Mr. Smith


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