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Project #1    Names of Turtles   Read page 6.      Sea Turtle Guide      Information
1. Get Names of Sea Turtles Chart
2. Name the eight (8) species of sea turtles.                            
3. Explain how each turtle got their name.
4. Turn in when finished.

Project #2    Food and Habitat Chart  Read page 6 and 7.

          Name of Turtle                            Food                                    Habitat               

5. Get Food and Habitat Chart
6. List the names of the eight species of sea turtles.
7. List all the food each turtle eats.
8. List the habitats for each turtle. Include: ocean, sea, near what continents or countries.
9. Put a title and your name on the chart.
10. Turn in when finished.

Project #3    Sea Turtles in U.S. Waters   Read pages 8-9.

 Name of Turtle
Found in U.S. Water


     # Eggs         Incubation  
   # Clutches  

11. Get Sea Turtles in U.S. Waters Chart
12. List the five sea turtles found in U.S. waters.
13. List the size of the sea turtles. Include length and weight.
14. # of eggs.  Record how many eggs the sea turtles lay at one time.
15. Incubation period.  Record how long it takes the eggs to hatch.
16. Nesting season.  Record what part of the year do the sea turtles lay their eggs.
17. # of clutches.  Record how many times a year the sea turtles lay eggs.
18. Put a title and your name on the chart. Turn in when finished.

Project #4     Scientific Classification   Read pages 8-10.

  Loggerhead   Green         Black     Hawksbill   Kemp's  

19. Get Scientific Classification Chart.
20. Fill in the classification chart for each of the eight sea turtles. Do not include the suborder.
21. Put a title and your name on the chart.
22. Turn in when finished.

Project #5  Behavior Patterns    Read page 11.

23. Use Lined Green Sea Turtle Paper.
24. List 10 facts about the Daily Activities and the Courtship & Mating of sea turtles.
25. HINT: These are observations made by scientists and divers.
26. Put your name on it and turn in.

Project #6 Sea Turtle Reproduction  Read pages 12-13.

27. Use 12 X 18 drawing paper.
28. Fold your paper in thirds lengthwise.
29. Fold in half two times.  It looks like this:

   1         2        3         4    
   5     6    7     8
   9   10   11   12

30. Draw the eleven (11) steps of sea turtle reproduction from nesting to the time the baby
      sea turtles find the sea weed.
31. Use these pictures. 
          Page 12  top 3 pictures             Steps 1,2,3
          Page 13  top 2 picture               Steps 4,5
          Page 12  bottom 3 pictures       Steps 6,7,8
          Page 13  bottom 3 pictures       Steps 9,10,11
32. Put a title and your name in #12
33. Turn in when finished.

Project #7  Migration and Navigation Read pages 14-15

34. Use Lined Loggerhead Sea Turtle Paper and answer the following questions.
35. Question #1
       What must happen during the first 48 hours of a hatchlings life?
36. Question #2
       Sea turtles migrate between two locations.  What are the two locations?
37. Question #3
       What does "One promising new theory" suggest that sea turtles use to navigate?
38. Question #4
       Has most sea turtle research been carried out in the ocean or on nesting beaches?
39. Question #5
        What percent of a sea turtles life is spent in the water?
40. Question #6
       Name the two ways scientist gather information on where sea turtles move.
41. Put your name on your paper and turn in.

Project #8  Threats to Survival  Read pages 16-17




42. Get Threats to Survival Chart
43. List 10 natural and human-caused problems sea turtles are facing.
44. Make up a sensible solution for each human-caused problem.
45. Put a title and your name on the chart.
46. Do not turn this in. Use this chart for Project #9.

Project #9  Poster  Use Project #8 pages 16-17 to help you.
47. Use white unlined paper 8 X 12.
48. Use your Problem Chart from Project #8 and create a poster that will make the public
      aware of one of the problems sea turtles are facing.  This poster will include words,
      pictures, and be colored.
49. Put your name on the back.
50. Turn in Project #8 and Project #9 at the same time.

Project #10  Conservation Strategies   Read page 18.

                Laws or Acts                                        How the law protects sea turtles .                            

51. Get Conservation Strategies Chart
52. Name three laws or acts that give sea turtles legal protection.
53. Explain how each law protects the sea turtle.
54. In the last box, make up a new law and tell how it will help protect sea turtles.
55. When finished put a title and your name on the chart and turn in.

Project 11 Nesting Sea Turtles  page 19

    Why you should not:

1.  Shine light in turtle's face.    
2.  Take pictures using a flash.
3.  Bother the turtle while she is laying eggs.
4.  Get near a nesting turtle's head.
5.  Handle the sea turtles eggs.
6.  Handle or ride the sea turtle.
7. Disturb the tracks of a sea turtle.

56. Get a Nesting Sea Turtles Question Page
57. Underneath write down what could happen if you do these things.
58. Put a title and your name on the chart.
59. Turn in when finished.

Project 12 Costal Habitats  Read pages 20-23.

60. Take Coastal Habitat Quiz page 34

Project 13 Archie Carr  Read pages 24-25.

61. Use Lined Leatherback Sea Turtle Paper to answer the following questions.
62. Question #1
        Write down three facts about Archie Carr.
63. Question #2
        What is the Archie Carr Wildlife Refuge trying to do to help sea turtles?
64. Question #3
        What is the STSL, Sea Turtle Survival League, doing to help the Archie Carr Wildlife
65. Put your name on your paper.
66. Turn in when finished.

Project 14 Design a T-Shirt

67. Use the T-Shirt outline.
68. Design a T-Shirt for the Archie Carr Wildlife Refuge or the Sea Turtle Survival League.
69. Use one of the organization names.  Include a picture.  Color it.
70. Put your name on it.
71. Turn in when finished.

Project 15 Sea Turtle ID and Comparisons

          Common Name of Turtle         

Straight Carapace Length  

Curved Carapace Length  

72. Get Sea Turtle Species Chart and Carapace Length Table
73. Identify each species common name and record on chart.
74. Use the grid to measure and record SCL (Straight Carapace Length)
75. Use thread to measure and record  CCL (Curved Carapace Length)
76. Put Your Name on it.
77. Turn in when finished.

Project 16 Cover (Requirement)

78. Fold large white paper 12 X 18 in half, like a book.
79. Cover must have: Title
80. Cover must have: picture
81. Cover must have: color
82. Cover must have your name


    seaturtle2.gif (13309 bytes)

Sea Turtle Evaluation                     Name ____________________ Period ____

Done  Points 


Points Earned

  8 #1 Sea Turtle Names  
  8 #2 Food & Habitat  
  8 #3 USA Sea Turtles  
  8 #4 Scientific Classification  
  10 #5 Behavior Patterns  
  12 #6 Reproduction  
  6 #7 Migration & Navigation  
  10 #8 Threats to Survival  
  5 #9 Poster  
  8 #10 Conservation Strategies  
  7 #11 Nesting  
  10 #12 Coastal Habitats  
  5 #13 Archie Carr  
  5 #14 Design a T-Shirt  
  7 #15 Sea Turtle ID and Size Comparison  
  5 #16 Cover Required  




Projects adapted from Carribean Conservation Corps project list.