Data Table

Activity    Description
    of Activity    
     Time of Day   

Air Temp

Ground Temp Body Temp







Name three sources of heat that caused the lizard's temperature to rise during the day.
31. _______________________________

32. _______________________________

33. _______________________________

During the hottest part of the day, what were
34. the air tempearture __________             35. the ground temperature _________

36. Why did the lizard's temperature stay below 40 C? ________________________________

37. During stilting the tail is off the ground too. Why? _________________________________

37. What is the range between the lizard's low temperarure and high temperature? _______

38. What do you think the lizard's temperature would have been from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM? _____

39. Why do you think it would be the temperature you predicted? ____________________________________

40. Researchers have discovered that keeping the body temperature of captive lizards at a constant 36C causes harm to the animals.   Lizards need a "resting period" during the night in order to stay healthy.  If you were a zookeeper what would you do to regulate the tewmperature in the lizard's habitat?


41-47.  Create a bar graph of the lizard's daily temperatures.

Emerging Basking Active Retreat Stilting Retreat