Science Mystery Stories

Flashback: March 1834. Madness strikes the stranded Arctica polar expedition. Inside a cramped camp tent, men babble and walk aimlessly around dead bodies on the floor. One man huddles in a corner clutching his precious journals to his chest. Flash forward: It's winter. Inside the modern workboat Lady Jane, three people examine these same journals. After 163 years of silence, broken only by rumors of cannibalism and madness, they are determined to learn exactly what happened.

River of Venom
They set up the lab deep in the Amazon rainforest. They wanted to make "killer" bees less deadly. What they didn't want was to start a rampage. A scientist at the brink of death. A researcher in agony with hundreds of stings. And you're stuck in the middle. Can you find the way out?


The Blackout Syndrome
A mother rushes to the hospital. Her child is bleeding uncontrollably from the eyes, hands and mouth. Where did this mysterious disease come from? What is it? And how can it be stopped? It's a mystery in three episodes.


Yellow Jackie
You hired on as crew to help sail a yacht across half the Pacific.Now, two weeks later, in the aftermath of a gale 500 miles from land, You find something new added to your job description.  Detective. Read the interactive mystery --unravel the science-based clues -- enter your answer -- find out if you're right!


Angry Red Planet
When you volunteered to help oversee the simulated spaceflight to Mars, everyone warned you the job would be boring.  Of course that was before theoxygen started getting low...


The Panama Puzzle
The name's Reed.  Walter Reed: Major, US Army Medical Corps.  I need your help. It's June 25th, 1900, and I've just been posted to Cuba after the end of the Spanish-American War. We lost more men to disease than bullets in that campaign. One disease in particular. In Panama, our boys have started digging a canal so that our warships can get from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Some canal! We've got big trouble - hundreds of our men have died so far from this maddening disease. We call it "yellow jack" (yellow fever). They get a high fever and jaundice. Up to half of those who show symptoms die. It's my responsibility to find out what's causing it and put a stop to it. Like I said, I need your help.