World History

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Unit 4 The Greeks 
Chapter 9 Beginnings
2800 B.C. - 750 B.C.

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Day 1
Topic   9-1 The Minoans     2000 - 1400 BC
Objective/ I can...
Identify locations on island of Crete.
Locate bodies of water that surround Crete.
State Goals
16.A.3b  Make inferences about historical events and eras using historical maps and other historical sources.
Note02.gif (247 bytes)Greek Notebook Paper

Chalkboard.bmp (15654 bytes)
Terms to Learn
Lines of Longitude:
run from the North Pole to the Souith Pole
Legacy:gift from the past
Prow: front part of a ship
Bull Leaping:
somersaulting on to a bull's back and then a back flip off
Frescoes: water color paintings made on damp plaster
Labyrinth: a network of paths difficult to find one's way through
Parchment: thin animal skin
Minotaur: Body of a man and the head of a bull

Chalkboard.bmp (15654 bytes) People to Know
Theseus: young Greek prince that was to be sacrificed to the Minotaur      

IconMap.bmp (3402 bytes) Places to Locate
one of the largest cities of Crete

filmreel.gif (313 bytes) Safari Montage Ancient Greece: Arizona Smith

Ancient Island of Crete  7:56
Ancient Greece: Minoan Crete  3:18

IconMap.bmp (3402 bytes) Atlas of World History

readme.gif (1442 bytes)   Altlas of World History p. 28

Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Civilizations of Ancient Greece  16a 


IconMap.bmp (3402 bytes) Greece blackline map page 3
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Early Greek History Lecture Notes  Minoans & Mycenaeans
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Minoan & Mycenaeans Flow Chart
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Minoan & Mycenaean Time Line
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Time Line of Greece 


Day 2
Topic     Palace of Knossos    
Objective/ I can...
Identify Europe's first advanced civilization.
Create archaeological artifact cards.
State Goals
A Mini Introduction to Knossos  3:25
Palace of Knossos   3:33

7 Wonders of Ancient Greece  Part 1 of 5  9:55    Palace of Knosses
7 Wonders of Ancient Greece  Part 2 of 5   9:55  Oracle of Delphi, Theater of Epidaurus
7 Wonders of Ancient Greece  Part 3 of 5  9:55   Colossus of Rhodes, Birth of the Olympics
7 Wonders of Ancient Greece  Part 4 of 5  9:56   Atlantis, Parthenon
7 Wonders of Ancient Greece  Part 5 of 5  7:07  Parthenon

Ancient Apocalypse Part 2  9:57
Ancient Apocalypse Part 3  9:56

Camera.bmp (4422 bytes)Full Screen Palace Picture  Neat artists idea of palace

Camera.bmp (4422 bytes)Palace of Knossos Pictures

Camera.bmp (4422 bytes) Frescos of Knosses show a few

readme.gif (802 bytes) Section 1 The Minoans pp. 151-155
The People
Cities and Palaces
Rulers and Religion
The Fall of the Minoans

Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Palace of Knossos  
Palace, artifacts, pottery and Theseus and the Monotaur

Note02.gif (247 bytes) Minoan Crete 2600-1425 BC
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Greek History


Day 3
Topic    Thesesus and the Minotaur
Objective/ I can.....
Identify main characters in Thesus & Minotaur.
Locate real ocations in Greek myths
State Goals
Hold up a ball of yarn and ask students how it might relate to a mystery story.  Write the word "clew" on the board.  This is the old english word for a ball of string or yarn.  The word originally came from the Greek language and it was used in a famous Greek myth.

filmreel.gif (313 bytes) Safari Montage Theseus and the Minotaur

Theseus and the Minotaur  1:18

MYTH OF THESEUS Cartoon with subtitles
Myth of Theseus Part 1  9:48
Myth of Theseus Part 2  9:01

BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes)
Thesesus and the Minotaur 
Questions, Word Search, Acrostic Poem
Link doesn't seem to work.  Copy hyperlink address and paste into address bar.

Theseus & the Minotaur Story pages 20-21



Day 4
Topic    9-2 The Mycenaeans    1100 - 600 BC
Objective/ I can...
Put historical events in order.
Identify imports and exports and the originating country of the Mediterranean area.
State Goals
16.A.3b  Make inferences about historical events and eras using historical maps and other historical sources.
Chalkboard.bmp (15654 bytes)
Terms to Learn
Megaron: square room with a fireplace in the center
people who live and work another person's land
Trojan War:
Paris took Helen, Myceneans attack Troy, war lasted 10 years
Trojan Horse: gift to Troy with hidden soldiers inside
Civil Wars:
wars between opposing groups of citizens

Truth of Troy: Trojan War Story  3:09

Ulysses and the Trojan Horse Part 1  9:32
Ulysses and the Trojan Horse Part 1  9:33

readme.gif (802 bytes) Section 2 The Mycenaeans pp. 155-160
Traders and Pirates
The Trojan War
A "Dark Age"

IconMap.bmp (3402 bytes) Atlas of World History

readme.gif (1442 bytes)   Altlas of World History p. 29
 Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Civilizations of Ancient Greece  16b




Day 5
Topic    Illiad
Objective/ I can...
Utilize research skills to complete assignments.
Understand how interactions betwen people, their gods, and their physical environment influenced literature.
State Goals
Chalkboard.bmp (15654 bytes)
Terms to Learn
poem written by Homer about the Trojan War
poem written by Homer about the wanderings of Odysseus

Chalkboard.bmp (15654 bytes)
People to Know
Homer: blind Greek poet who wrote of the Trojan war
Achilles: great warrior, hero of Illiad
Helen: the "most beautiful women in the world"; cause of Trojan War
Menelaus: king of Sparta, husband of Helen
Paris: a Trojan
Priam: king of Troy
Ulysses: king of Ithica, hero of the Odyssey

IconMap.bmp (3402 bytes) Places to Locate
Ithica: home of Odysseus; island of western Greece
Troy: city on the coast of Asia Minor

filmreel.gif (313 bytes) Safari Montage The Trojan War 21 minutes

Helen of Troy (1956)  3:55  movie traile

Helen of Troy Part 1  9:07  18 total parts

Battle at Troy  6:50

Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Illiad from old ditto books

BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes)Illiad Lesson Plan   Using the book The Trojan War Bernard Evslin
IconMap.bmp (3402 bytes) Illiad & Oydessey Adventure Map


Day 6
Topic    Odyssey
Objective/ I can...
Use a timeline.
State Goals
filmreel.gif (313 bytes) Safari Montage Odyssey
Odysses Meets the Cyclops  9:51
Odysses Returns Home From Troy  4:48

The Odyssey Complete Movie  2:52:25

Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Odyssey worksheet about the cyclops.

Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Glencoe Worksheets
The Minoans Word Web p.13 in Reteaching
Using a Timeline p.13 in Chart & Graphs
Vocabulary p.20-21 in Vocabulary
Chapter Test 9



Day 7
Use a graphic organizer to compare the Greek civilizations of Minos and Mycenae.
Describe what a "Dark Age" is.
Discuss oral history, its accuracy and reliability, as well as why historians use it today.
State Goals
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Mycenean and Minoan Comparison Chart


State Goals
Classwork/ Homework


Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Assignments    crayon0a.gif (328 bytes) Art Activity    BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes) Lesson Plan   braininjar.gif (1615 bytes) Tests     IconMap.bmp (3402 bytes) Maps     Note02.gif (247 bytes) Resources     Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Web Sites    
SchoolBus5.bmp (6174 bytes) Field Trips     Computer.gif (1114 bytes) Computer     bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) Book    Dice.bmp (3974 bytes) Games    star.gif (2279 bytes)Extra Credit

Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Origin of Dance    Ancient Greeks associated dancing with their religious and worshipping ceremonies. History of dance in Crete.
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Ancient City of Lato  pictures
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) The Story of the Greeks   Ecletic School Readings  copyright 1896
BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes)Illiad Lesson Plan   Using the book The Trojan War Bernard Evslin
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) The Illiad from Classical Mythology
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Illiad Game
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Illiad
Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Odyssey: Fill in the Bank Worksheet
Pencil.gif (1165 bytes) Odyssey Crossword Puzzle
BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes) There's No Place Like Home  30 page Leson Plan
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Odyssey's Maps Clickable and static
SchoolBus5.bmp (6174 bytes)Odyssey: Choose Your Own Adventure
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) Complete Odyssey Text  and Odyssey Cliff Notes
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Odyssey Slide Show   Tells the story with a map
braininjar.gif (1615 bytes) Odyssey Quiz 10 Questions Odyssey Quiz Part 2
braininjar.gif (1615 bytes) Odyssey Vocabulary Test   List and 4 tests
Dice.bmp (3974 bytes) Odyssey Jeopardy
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Plan/Drawing Palace of Knossos  Note02.gif (247 bytes) Plan/Drawing 2 Palace of Knossos
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Knossos  article and pictures
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) The Palace at Knossos nice large pictures
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Greek Vocabuary page 2
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Minoans and Mycenaeans: Palace at Knosos  5 pages
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Minoan Graphic Organizer
Computer.gif (1114 bytes) Linear A Tablet
SchoolBus5.bmp (6174 bytes) The Minoans Exhibit  A multi-media exhibit
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Mycenaeans Graphic Organizer
Computer.gif (1114 bytes) Lions Gate
Computer.gif (1114 bytes) Mycenaean Tomb
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Greek Myths
BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes) Greek Mythology and Forms of Energy  Vocabulary and page biography of Greek gods
BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes) The Legend of Perseus  34 page unit onbook by Mike Peterson
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Bronze Age Ship in 2004
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Illustrated Time Line/ Lecture of Arcahiac period
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Relationship Between Thera Eruption and the Destruction of Crete c. 1450 BC
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Minotaur Crossword Puzzle  very, very hard
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Theseus and the Minotaur Crossword Puzzle    not hard
Pencil.gif (434 bytes) Theseus and the Minotaur Word Search
BookOpen.bmp (16686 bytes) Ariadne and the Magic Thread  Lesson plan using the book written by Mike Peterson
crayon0a.gif (328 bytes)  How to Draw a Labyrinth
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Theseus and Icarus: Fight or Flight Character descriptions
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) How Theseus Slew the Minotaur
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) Theseus and the Monotaur
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) Thesesus and the Minotaur
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) Theseus and the Minotaur   from Theseus's point-of-view
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) Theseus and the Minotaur   by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Dice.bmp (3974 bytes) Theseus and the Minotaur Maze  Can you solve it?
Note02.gif (247 bytes) Background to the Trojan War
Note02.gif (247 bytes)  Story of the Trojan War   Short refresher on Trojan War
Computer.gif (1114 bytes)  City of Troy   interactive tour
Computer.gif (1114 bytes)  Image of Troy
Computer.gif (1114 bytes)  Leggo Trojan War  Video on YouTube
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes)  Legend of the Trojan War   Summary of Homer for a college class.
bookpages.gif (1592 bytes) The Fall of Troy By Quintus Smyrnaeus ("Quintus of Smyrna") Fl. 4th Century A.D.
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Arcehaeological History of Troy
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Conflicting Views of Helen
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Excavation of Troy
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) History of Troy
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Sequence of Major Events in the Trojan War
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Story of the Trojan War
Earth.gif (6650 bytes) Was There a Trojan War  Arachaeology

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