braininjar.gif - 1615 Bytes  LIFE SCIENCE MATERIALS, REQUIREMENTS, and INFORMATION 2015-2016

Materials, Requirements and Information

1.   Materials
Three-Ring Notebook and pencil.  
      Colored pencils and markers, scissors, and glue will be needed at times. 
2.   Complete reading assignments, homework, class work projects, and labs.  

These assignments will be based on the reading assignments and Reading Study Guides.
3.   Evaluations,
Quizzes, Tests, and other activities will be used to evaluate your performance.
Hands-on stations for evaluating process skills will be set up and used individually by students. 

4.  Extra Credit
Extra credit is available in my classroom and on line.

5. Grades 
Grades of activities, labs, and evaluations (tests, quizzes, etc.) will be averaged.
        Evaluation grades and some assignments will be weighted. 

                                                  93-100   A         83-88   B         73-78   C         63-68   D
                                                  90-92      A-       80-83   B-        70-73   C-       60-63   D-
                                                  88-90      B+      78-80   C+       68-70   D+      Below 60    Fail
You may check your child's grade online and computer grade sheets are handed out regularly.

6. Returned Work 

Graded work should go into your Science 3-Ring Notebook.
      Graded work will be needed for a Science Portfolio at the end of each quarter.

7. Assignment Notebooks 
Use your Assignment Notebook (planner) to keep track of your  homework.
       Your assignment will be on the chalkboard.

8. Late Work =  Minus 10 points.
Work is late if it is not turned in ON TIME.
       Forgetting an assignment in your locker means the assignment was late.
       A late assignment will not be accepted once an assignment has been graded and returned to students.
       Requests for "all of the work I'm missing" will not be honored.
9. Absent Work 
2 days for each absent day to make up work. I keep an assignment book on my desk. 
       Copy from it if you are absent.    I have an absent/lost work area in my classroom.
10. Band 
Students will be leaving my science class for band. 
       Going to band does not excuse you from turning in any work that was due that day. 
       Turn in your work before you go to band.
       Check with me for what you missed.

11. The 6th Grade Life Science Web Site may be found at:

       This is a link to my lesson plan book. 
        I will show my students in class how to use our web site.

12. Classroom Procedures are important if each student is going to have a successful school year.
        Bring materials to class:  3-ring notebook, pencil, assignment notebook and textbook to class.
        Sharpen your pencil before class begins.
        Copy assignment from chalkboard.

13. Classroom Rules are important if each student is going to have a successful school year.
        I use the following rules in my classroom.
        Rule One: Follow directions quickly.
        Rule Two: Raise your hand for permission to speak.
        Rule Three: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
        Rule Four: Make smart choices!

14. On line Prentice Hall Life Science Textbook
All students will receive Registration and Enrollment instructions

I have read the Life Science Materials, Requirements, and Information and have discussed it with my child.


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