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Mendel.bmp (19434 bytes) Reading Study Guide Chapter 4 Genetics: The Science of Heredity
4-1 Mendel's Work  (pp.110-115)

page 110 Match the vocab words with its defintion

1. Heredity _____           a. The passing of physical characteristics from parents to offspring.

2. Traits _____              b. The scientific study of heredity.

3. Genetics _____           c. Physical characteristics

4-7. Gregor Mendel experimented with pea plants. Name 4 characteristics of the plants.

Mendel's Experiments (p.111-112)

8. The pistil of a flower produces female sex cells called _______________.

9. The stamen produces _______________ that contains the male sex cells called sperm.

10. When egg and sperm join the process is called ___________________.

11. Explain how Mendel crossed-pollinated pea plants.

12. What are  purebred organisms?

13. Another name for the P generation is the _____________________________.

14. When Tall and Short P generation pea plants were crossed all of the offspring in the F1 generation  were _________.

15. When the F1 generation offspring were crossed the F2 generation of pea plants had _____ Tall and _____ Short offspring.

Dominant and Recessive Alleles (p.113-115)

16. What is a gene? _____________________________________________________

17. What are alleles? ____________________________________________________

18. What is a dominant allele? _____________________________________________

19. What is a recessive allele? ____________________________________________

p.113 Genetics of Pea Plants.
Identify the dominant and recessive trait by answering true or false

20.  _________ Round is dominant over Wrinkled
21. _________ Green is dominant over Yellow
22.  _________ Gray is dominant over White
23. _________ Pinched is dominant over Smooth
24. _________ Yellow is dominant over Green
25. _________ End flower position is dominant over Side flower position
26. _________ Tall stem height is dominant over Short stem height

27. What is a hybrid? ___________________________________________________

28. Dominant alleles are represented by _______________ letters.

29. Recessive alleles are represented by _______________ letters.

30. Because of his work Mendel is often called the __________________________

Assessment 4-1

Match the pea plant with its combination of alleles.

31.  Purebred Tall_____         a. Two alleles for Tall Stems (TT)

32. Purebred Short _____      b. One allele for tall stems and one allele for short stems (Tt)

33. Hybrid Tall _____            c. Two alleles for short (tt)