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Reading Study Guide    Chapter 1 Introduction to Science
1-4 Safety in the Science Laboratory  (pp.23-26)

Safety During Investigations (p.23-25)

1. Why should you wait for your family or friends before you jump into the water to
    swim? __________________________________________________________

2. Good preparation helps you to stay ____________ when doing science activities.

3. What should you do if something is unclear to you about a lab? ____________________

Identify these Science Safety Symbols.

                SafetyFlames.bmp (49590 bytes)                 SafetyGeneralAwareness.bmp (61062 bytes)                 SafetyPoison.bmp (57174 bytes)

              4. __________                   5. ______________           6. ____________

7. What does the mouse symbol mean when you see it in a laboratory? ______________

8-10. Look at pages 24-25. List 3 safety precautions the students is taking.

11. When you have finished a lab _____________ your work area.

12. Never carry out a field investigation ________________.

13. Which of these is not a place to conduct a "field" investigation?
          a. classroom               b. schoolyard
          c. park                      d. forest
14-17. Complete the graphic organizer below to show four hazards you might encounter when doing an investigation in the field.

GOPossibleHazards.bmp (250182 bytes)

18. Use ______________   ______________ to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

In Case of an Accident (p.26)

19. What is the first thing to do after a lab accident? ________________________

20. What should you do if you spilled something on your skin while doing a lab.
     a. Immerse in cold water
     b. Cover with a clean dressing
     c. Wash with large amounts of water
     d. Don't worry, it probably won't hurt you

21-25 Draw and label 5 Science Safety Symbols of your choice!

        RSG1-41.jpg (1583 bytes)        RSG1-41.jpg (1583 bytes)         RSG1-41.jpg (1583 bytes)        RSG1-41.jpg (1583 bytes)         RSG1-41.jpg (1583 bytes)
          __________              __________              __________             __________              __________