sharkcolor.bmp (80294 bytes) Be an Expert: Sharks

1. Shark Vocabulary      5 Points
Define these words associated with sharks.

anal fin
serrated tooth
dorsal fin
placoid scales
lateral line
dermal denticles
Ampullae of Lorenzini


2. Name 5 Sharks       5 Points


3. Dangerous Shark     5 Points
Name 5 dangerous Sharks


4. Shark Attack: Truth and Lies About Sharks      10 Points
Circle the answer that you feel is correct.
Write a brief explanation of your answer in the space provided.

Fact or Myth
Sharks have spare teeth that move to the front of their mouths to replace a front tooth that falls out.

Fact or Myth

Great white sharks have to eat every hour in order to stay alive.

Fact or Myth

White sharks can swim over 40 miles an hour for short distances.

Fact or Myth

For the first three months of their lives, baby sharks stay close to their mothers.

Fact or Myth

More people are killed each year by deer than by sharks.

Fact or Myth

White sharks will not eat a sea otter.

Fact or Myth

A surfer riding a long, thin surfboard is less likely to be attacked by a shark than a surfer riding a shorter, wider board.

Fact or Myth

Female sharks generally give birth to only one shark per year.

5. Food for Sharks    
5 Points
Sharks at Ocean World eat 10% of their body weight each week.
Calculate how many pounds of fish each shark eats in one week.
To calculate pounds multiply the shark's weight by .10
To calculate kilograms divide the shark's weight by 2.2046

Sharks Weight

Weekly Food Amount

    In Pounds       In Kilograms 
Lemon Shark 300 lbs.    
Sandtiger Shark 250 lbs.    
Brown Shark 150 lbs.    
Nurse Shark 350 lbs.    



6. How many shark attacks have there been in the last few years?     5 Points

What percentage of shark attacks are fatal?

7.  What different types of food do sharks prefer to eat?       5 Points
Give evidence to support your answer.



8. Weekly Food Cost     10 Points
At Ocean World the sharks eats bluefish, mackerel, herring.

The dock price per pound for bluefish is 7 per pound.
The dock price per pound for mackerel is 9 per pound.
The dock price per pound for herring is 10 per pound.

What is the weekly cost to feed these 4 sharks?


Lemon Shark

Sandtiger Shark

Brown Shark

Nurse Shark

Lbs. Eaten     Cost    Lbs. Eaten     Cost   Lbs. Eaten     Cost    Lbs. Eaten    Cost    
Bluefish 16   15   9   20  
Mackerel 6   5   2   9  
Herring 8   5   4   3  



9. Shark Products    10 Points
What products are made from these parts of a shark?

10. Label this diagram of a food chain with a shark spieces as the primary consumer.    5 Points

Decomposers -->                     -->                   -->                   -->                    -->


11. Shark Orders     10 Points
Living sharks are divided into 8 Orders.

Name a shark that belongs to each order

Order Name



Squatinifomes flat Body, mouth at front, no anal fin  

Pristiophoriformes long snout, mouth underneath, no anal fin  

Squaliformes short snout, mouth underneath, no anal fin  

Carcharhiniformes anal fin, 5 gill slits, 2 dorsal fins, no fin spines,
mouth behind eyes, nictitating eyelids
Lamniformes anal fin, 5 gill slits, 2 dorsal fins, no fin spines,
mouth behind eyes, no nictitating eyelids
Orectolobiformes anal fin, 5 gill slits, 2 dorsal fins, no fin spines,
mouth in front of the eyes
Heterodontiformes anal fin, 5 gill slits, 2 dorsal fins, dorsal fin
Hexanchiformes anal fin, 6-7 gill slits, 1 dorsal fin  

12. What threats exist to shark populations?     5 Points


13. What is being done to help prevent shark populations from declining?      5 Points


14. Shark Diagram
     5 Points
Label this external diagram of a shark.

                     ExpertIconShark2.bmp (382554 bytes)

15. Shark Cards     10 Points
Use index cards to design and create your set of 10 Shark Cards.

Front of Card

Back of Card (side with lines)

Information to get you started

Bull Shark: length – 10 feet
eats – fish, other sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, antelope, small dogs, hippos (this shark can live in fresh water!)

Nurse Shark: length – 12 feet
eats – crab, lobsters, clams, small fish, sea urchins

Lemon Shark: length – 9 feet
eats – fish, stingrays, crabs, lobsters, clams, seabirds

Spiny Dogfish: length –5 feet
eats – small fish, squid, worms, invertebrates

Cookie-cutter Shark: length – 1 feet
eats – bites of large whales, elephant seals (and other large seals), dolphins, marlin, tuna

Cigar Shark: length – 9 inches
eats – squid, small fish

Whale Shark: length – 51 feet
eats – plankton!

Basking Shark: length – 48 feet
eats – plankton!

Great White Shark: length – 20 feet
eats – seals, sea lions, other sharks, whales, fish, anything dead or dying

Tiger Shark: length – 25 feet
eats – just about anything (pieces of cars have been found in their stomachs)

Great Hammerhead Shark: length – 18 feet
eats – fish, other sharks, crabs, lobsters, stingrays

Bonnethead Shark: length –5 feet
eats – crabs and lobsters, clams, small fish

Horn Shark: length – 4 feet
eats – sea urchins

Blue Shark: length – 14 feet
eats – small fish, squid

Megamouth Shark: length – 15 feet
eats – plankton


16. Ancient Sharks    
5 Points
The "Golden Age" for sharks was during the Carboniferous Period, about 360 million yeras ago.
Try to dentify these ancient sharks.  When did they live?

                                                            ExpertIconSharksAncient.bmp (100070 bytes)


17. What I Want to Know About Sharks      10 Points
Most of the time someone teaches you something, you wonder about the other things that they didn't tell you.  This activity is to help you design an experiment to find out something about sharks you haven't learned yet.  The point is NOT to actually do the experiment, so you don't have to worry about how much money you need to spend or what equipment you would need.  Just think about something you would like to know about sharks that you could find out by doing an experiment.  Use the What I Want to Know About Sharks Lab found at:   


18. Shark Drawings and Cartoons      15 Points
If you can draw a triangle and an oval; you can draw a shark.
Learn to draw a shark and create a shark cartoon.
A shark drawing is a collection of basic shapes: circles, triangles, ovals, rectangles and so on.
Take a look at this drawing of a leopard shark from the Montery Bay Aquarium.

          SciSharkLeopardTriangle.bmp (92454 bytes)
Add the details to the leopard shark.

           SciSharkLeopard.bmp (56410 bytes)

Once the basic shapes are laid out it's easy
You can make your drawing look more realistic details, shading and coloration.
Here are some more sharks from the Montery Bay Aquarium.

          SciSharkDrawFour.bmp (472554 bytes)

Choose a shark and make a drawing using the triangle and oval method.
You don't have to label the shapes.
Once you have learned to draw a shark, you can make a shark cartoon.

Comics have three main parts.




Use the theShark School lof Art Activity Sheet found at:   You will find the panels and ideas for shark cartoons there.


19. Shark Book     10 Points
Read Sharks by Kira Freed found at:  
See me for a copy of the book.
Complete Shark Questions found at:


All About Sharks found at:

Body Features and Measurements of Sharks found at:

Coloring Book of Sharks found at:

Golden Age of Sharks found at:

Meet the Sharks found at:

Prehistoric Sharks found at:

Shark ID found at:

Shark Printouts found at:

Shark School of Art found at:

Sharks, Skates, and Rays found at: