Girl_Magnifying_Glass.bmp (77346 bytes)   Be An Expert: Pets

1. Pets of People     10 Points
Name 5 pets that people have in each of the following pet categories

       DOGS            CATS              FISH            BIRDS         REPTILES         OTHER     

2. My Pets      5 Points
List all of the pets you have had.  (Example Dog: Junior)



3. Pet Care Project      20 Points
Show evidence that you have been the main care giver of a pet for 2 months.
Make a list of daily requirements. (Food, water, cleaning, etc.)
Record any special care that you give to your pet.
Have an adult give evidence that you were solely responsible.


4. Pet Proposal       10 Points
Consider a pet you would like to own but do not presently have.
You need to create a Pet Proposal to convince your parents to let you have the pet. 
Divide a 12 x 18" sheet of paper into fourths. 
Write your name and the type of pet and "Proposal" at the top of the page.

Now have the students label the four sections of the page, starting in the upper left corner:

Explain the contents of each section as defined below.

Cover Letter
This section should be addressed to either the student's parent(s) or the classroom teacher and should explain why the student wants the specific type of pet.

Cost Projection
Students should research costs for related supplies that will be necessary for this type of pet and create a summary of the initial investment required. Internet resources or pet shops can be great sources of information about supply costs.

Pet Care Plan
Students can explain here what activities are required to care for the animal and when and how they will be carried out.

This section should contain several statements that are "promises" about how the student will handle the pet, be responsible for it, and meet its needs. Statements may begin with "I will..." Students should sign the bottom of the contract box.


5. Pet Book      15 Points
Read a non-fiction book or pamphlet about your pet.
It is your responsibility to learn as much about your pet as possible.
Pet stores sell inexpensive books about small animals.
Libraries and book stores have books about pets.

Title ______________________________________

List 5 things you learned by reading this pet book.

6. Breaking the Chain
      10 Points
Read Breaking the Chain found at:   Click on Breaking the Chain
The story is about a cat, Harriet, who moves to a new house.
Harriet is surprised to find a dog, Joey, chained in the yard next door.
Can Harriet help free Joey?
Write an ending to the story.

7. Animal Career Search
      10 Points
There are many different careers that you can have working with animals.
Test yourself to see how many you know.
1 Point for each two you name.

Use Career Search found at:

8. Final Pet Project       25 Points
Create a project: a 200 word report, a brochure, a foldable book, a slideshow, or a video about your pet.
Include information on:
Care (vet, shots, neutering, grooming, washing, exercising)


Feeding (kind of food, amount)


Housing (indoors or outdoors, cage, bed, heat, cool )

Diseases (diseases your pet can get and how they are treated)


Interesting facts about your pet (special breed,


Local laws, if any, relating to the pet you keep (license, zoning laws)

A complete chart showing the cost for you to raise your pet for one year and lifetime.


4-H Pet Care Project found at:

Aquarium Fish for Sale found at:

Cost for Raising a Corn Snake found at:

Costs of Owning a Freshwater Aquarium found at:

The Cost of Owning a Dog found at:

Welcome Home Your New Bird found at:

What It Costs to Raise a Kitten found at: