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Your science text, other science books, encyclopedias, the library, field guides, and the Internet can help you with these assignment.

1. Nature Vocabulary 5 Points
Define these words


2. Plants and Animals     5 Points
Name a plant that is protected in our state.

Name three ways in which animals are important to plants.

Name an animal that is protected in our state. _________________________

Name three ways in which plants are important to animals.

3. Food Chains on Land and In Water      5 Points
Add four organisms to this land food chain.

  Decomposers   -->                     -->                     -->                     -->                     -->
      in soil

Add four organisms to this water food chain.

  Plankton   -->                     -->                     -->                     -->                     -->

4. Birds     5 Points
List 10 birds that our found in our area.

5. Mammals     5 Points
Identify five species of wild mammals that can be found in your area.
List the common and scientific name for each wild mammal.

Common Name of Wild Mammal Scientific Name of Wild Mammal

6. Poisonous Snakes     5 Points
Name the four poisonous snakes found in the United States.

7. Area Herps     5 Points
Name three species of reptiles and amphibians found in our area.

8. Area Insects       5 Points   
Name 10 insects common to our area.

9. Area Spiders      5 Points   
Name 5 spiders found in our area.  

10. Spider Diagram     5 Points
Label the body parts of this spider.
Prosoma, Spinnerets, Pedipalp, Abdomen, Eyes, Chelicerae
* Pedipalp is used twice.

SciSpiderDiagram.bmp (650214 bytes)


Mollusks      5 Points  
Name 3 mollusks
(Animals with shells)

11. Crustaceans     5 Points  
Name 3 crustaceans.

12. Seed Collection      10 Points  
Collect and label the seeds of 6 plants.


13. Leaf Collection      5 Points  
Collect and label 6 leaves of trees.


14. Poisonous Plants      5 Points  
Name 3 poisonous plants. DO NOT COLLECT
Describe the rash each plant may give you.

       Poisonous Plant                             Description of Rash                    

15. Carnivores Plants     5 Points   
Carnivores plants supplement their diet with animals.
Name and describe 3 carnivores plants.

Types of Rocks     10 Points   
Name the three types of rock.

Collect, identify, and label 5 different types of rocks from our area.

17. Animals of the State    
5-20 Points   
What is the official state animal for each category?
Research to find the answers and record on a sheet of paper.     5 Points

- OR-

Create a foldable book to display the Official State Categories.     20 Points
Each page will have a title that you see below.
Eacxh page will have a picture and the common name of the Official State Categories.


18. Microscope Pictures      10 Points  
Collect 9 different objects from your environment. 
View them under a microscope and draw what you see.
Be sure to label each of your drawings.
Use Microscope Pictures found at:

19. Bird Feeder     15 Points   
Make and set out a bird feeder.
List what birds you see at the feeder for a period of one month.


20. Insect Collection     10 Points 
Collect, mount, and label 10 insect species 

SciInsecrPinning.bmp (194454 bytes)      SciInsectPinningSmall.bmp (178738 bytes)
  The label should contain:
  • the common name
  • the scientific name
  • where the insect was caught

          Large Insect                          Small Insect


21. Fish ID      5 Points  
Catch and identify 2 species of fish. 
Make a biological drawing of each fish.
Label the fish body parts.


22. Shelled Animals      10 Points  
Collect, mount, and label 10 different sea shells.


27. Bug Eaten Leaf Award      10 Points  
The awards consist of being recognized at this Backyard Nature website as a genuine Backyard Naturalist who has identified a significant number of living organisms in his or her own neighborhood.  You choose the level: Bronze, Silver, or Gold ,  that you are interested in. Bug Eaten Leaf Awards is found at:


28. In the Field     10 Points  
Identify these items found in nature.

SciEnvironmentScavenger.bmp (1908954 bytes)


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How to Properly Label Rocks found at:

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Preserving, Mounting, and Labeling Insects for Display found at:

Rock Collection Project found at:

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