Be an Expert: Human Body (Not Finished)

1. Nutrition Tracker    10 Points
Keep track of your daily food intake.
Total at the end of the day.
Check to see if you are eating the correct number of servings from each of the food groups.
Use Nutrition Tracker found at:


2. 3-D Food Pyramid      10 Points
Cut and assemble the 3D pyramid.
Find the 3-D Pyramid model at:
Read the information on the sides of the pyramid.
Compare the differences and the similarities of the 3 pyramids.

Fill the pyramid with your favorite healthy snack.
Use the Pyramid to create your own food pyramid.
Pyramid found at:


3. Nerve Cell Diagram      5 Points
Label the diagram of this nerve cell.

SciHumanBodyNerveCell.bmp (544082 bytes)


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