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1. Geology Vocabulary     15 Points
Define these words associated with the study of geology.

plate boundary
transform/Lateral plate boundary
Continental Drift
divergent plate boundary
convergent plate boundary
Law of Superposition


2. Famous People in Geology      5 Points
What is each of these geologists known for?


3. Types of Rock     5 Points
List the three types of rock.


4. Earth' Layers     5 Points
Name the Earth's 3 layers

SciGeologyEarthLayers.bmp (108918 bytes)

5. Volcanoes     5 Points
Name, describe and give an example of the 3 types of volcanoes.

Type of Volcano





6. Volcano Vocabulary    
5 Points
Define these words associated with the study of volcanoes.


7. US Earthquake Hazard Map     5 Points
What are the chances that your area would experience an earthquake?

SciGeologyEarthquakeMap.bmp (1170054 bytes)



8. Where to Look     10 Points
You are a paleontologist and want to discover new Cretaceous dinosaurs in the Sahara Desert in Africa.

First, you go to the library to look for previous scientific reports on the area. 
You find one report with pictures of large pieces of fossil bones that look like they belong to a dinosaur. 
The report mentions that there is a large area of exposed rock where the fossils   were found.  
This sounds interesting, but there is no map that shows exactly where the fossil fragments were found. 
All you know is that the fossils were found somewhere near an oasis called In Gall.

You return to the library to study maps of the area. 
You find a geographic map and a geologic map of the area (see next page).  
Now you have the information you need to lead an expedition to the area.
You must decide the best place to look for fossils.

Find Where to Look at:


9. Topographic Crossection     5 Points
Use the bird's-eye view to create a side view, called an Elevation View.
Put dots on the bottom map that correspond to the elevations on the top map.

SciGeologyTopoMap.bmp (559734 bytes)


10.Dating Geologic Time     5 Points
Define Relative Dating and Absolute Dating.
What type of information can be learned from both techniques?

                       Definition                         Information That Cab Be Learned  
Relative Dating  


Absolute Dating  




11. Scientific Evidence     5 Points
Identify and describe 3 pieces of scientific evidence that demonstrates the age of the Earth to be over 4.5 billion years old.


12. Geologic Time Line     15 Points
Make a Geological Time Line of Important Events in Geologic Time.
Use a large piece of shelf paper.
Label the paper with 4 main equal divisions 2 BYA, 1.5 BYA, 1 BYA, 500 MYA
Label 100MYA increments between each division.
Example: 2 BYA, 1.9 BYA, 1.8 BYA, 1.7 BYA, 1.6 BYA, 1.5 BYA
Most of the events will take place in the last 500 MYA.
Create a small icon to go with each event.

Important Events in Geologic Time found at:


13.Mining         10 Points
There are three types of mining: open pit mining, shaft miming and strip mining

14. I'm Just a Coal Miners Daughter
     5 Points
You will be mining for coal.
Time is money!
You will use 2 drills (toothpicks) as your mining tools.
For each minute you work to remove the coal you will subtract $100.      10 minutes = $1000 = 1 cm of coal
You will fill a straw with your coal pieces. Eash 2cm filled with coal is worth $1000.
Don't damage the land.
If your cookie breaks you are fined $1000 by the EPA for damage to your land.
Draw your cookie at the beginning and at the end of strip mining.
Record how much money you have made after 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 20 minutes.


15. Careers in Earth Science     10 Points
Research and learn about a career in Earth Science that interests you, like a geologist.

Find information on:



Careers in Earth Science found at:

Plate Boundary Map found at:

Plate Tectonics Animations found at: