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1. Collecting Vocabulary      5 Points
Define these words associated with collecting

flea market

2. Inexpensive Collections     5 Points
Not all collections require large amounts of money to acquire.
Identify 15 different types of collections that would require little or no money.

Which ones are the most interesting to you?


3. My Collection     10 Points

What do you collect? ______________________

Write a short report giving a detailed description about your collection.



4.  Adding to Your Collection     5 Points
Explain how you have added to your collection. 
Where do you get additional items for your collection?


5. Taking Care of Your Collection     5 Points
Explain the precautions you need to take to preserve your collection.
    A. Handling

    B. Cleaning

    C. Storage

    D. Special precautions for dampness, sun, or other weather conditions.


6. Displaying Your Collection      5 Points
How do you display your collection?


7. Hobby Events     10 Points
What events are available for a hobbyist of this collection?
    A. Shows

    B. Conventions

    C. Contests

    D. Meetings


8. What Its Worth     5 Points
If you were to sell your collection what would it be worth worth?

9. Groups    5 Points
Name and describe two groups from your collection.




10. Collection Terms     10 Points
List 10 terms that are commonly used in your collection and explain what they mean.

              TERM                                                    DEFINITION                                                   


11. Groups    5 Points
Name and describe two groups from your collection.

12. Organization     5 Points
Explain how your collection is organized.


13. Collection Periodicals     5 Points


14. Grading Your Collection
    5 Points
Explain how your collection is graded for:

15. Collection Organizations      5 Points
List any national, state, or local association for collectors in your field of interest.


16. Identifying Your Collection      5 Points
How are items in your collection identified?

17. Best of the Rest     5 Points
What is the most valuable item in your collection?


18. In the Future     5 Points
What plans do you have for your collection in the future?


19. Collection Careers      5 Points
List 3 career opportunities that may be available to you involving your collection.


Find Out What Different Generations Collected?      10 Points
Interview people who grew up in different times: the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and so on.
Interview two or three people in each decade.
Find out what they collected?
Ask what their friends collected.
What things do girls generally collect?
What things did guys collect?
What do they collect today?


21. Classroom Display     10 Points
Set up a display of your collection in the classroom.


22. Collection Talk     10 Points
Give a short talk about your collection.
When did you start collecting.
Why did you begin to collect what you do?



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