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Last Updated: 9/7/2009

1. Astronomy  Vocabulary      15 Points
  • a.m.
  • astrology
  • astronomy
  • axis
  • cardinal points
  • clockwise
  • constellation
  • counterclockwise
  • crater
  • crater chain
  • daily (diurnal) motion
  • horizon
  • mare


  • meridian
  • meteor
  • moon
  • planetarium
  • planets
  • p.m.
  • ray terrain
  • rille
  • revolution
  • rotation
  • star
  • sun
  • zenith



2. Sketching the Features of the Moon      10 Points
On a night when the moon is full sketch 5 the observable features hat you can easily see.
Binoculars may be used to see more clearly.
Use a moon map to identify the 5 features you have drawn.

Moon Map found at:


3. Mapping the Moon   15 Points
Use a reference map of the moon to locate and label the lunar features.
Write the name next to the feature on the Lunar Map.

Lunar Map and Locations found at:

4. Star Wheel   10 Points
Make a Star Wheel and learn how to use it.
Complete Introduction to a Planisphere (Star Wheel) found at:
Directions For Use found at:

5. Cosmic Survey   10 Points
ort images according to size, distance, and age.
Ask me for the images

Cosmic Survey found at: 

6. Constellation Cards 10 Points
A constellation is a group of stars that, when seen from Earth, form a pattern.
The stars in the sky are divided into 88 constellations.

Create 10 Constellation Flashcards.
Use dots for stars
Use size of dots to signify brightness.
Name the stars in the constellation.
Connect the stars with lines to show the constellations.

7. Constellation Mythology   10 Points
Use reference materials and/or the Internet to research the mythology associated with 5 of your constellations.

8. Star Magnitudes 10 Points
Complete the two worksheets on magnitude using the chart on  the first page.
Star Magnitudes found at:

9. Birthday Moons   10 Points
Sketch how the moon appears every three days for the next thirty days after your birthday.
Birthday Moons found at:

10. Galactic Address  10 Points
Usually you think of your address as only three or four lines long: your name, street, city, and state.
But to address a letter to a friend in a distant galaxy, you have to specify where you are in a greater span of scales.
Galactic Address found at:

11. Planet Properties 10 Points
Color the planets.
Determine your weight on each of the planet.
List the distance from sun in AU/miles.
calculate how long it would take to travel to each planet.
Record any special features about each planet.
Planet Properties found at:

12. Coloring Planet Properties 5 Points
Color the planets of our solar system.
Use the same color for identical parts on each planet.
Coloring Planets found at:

13. Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 5 Points
Use the diagram to answer the questions about stars
Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram found at:

14. Galaxy Questions   5 Points
Use the Galaxy Fact Sheet to answer the Galaxy Questions
Galaxy Fact Sheet found at:
Galaxy Questions found at:




Clipart by Phillip Martin found at

Constellation Myths found at: 

Cosmic Survey Lesson Plan found at:

Evening Sky Maps found at:

Moon Phase Template found at:

Star Wheel found at: