Be an Expert: Archaeology

1. Archaeology Vocabulary 5 Points

Archaeology is the study of ________________________________________________.

Define these words associated with archaeology.

relative dating
canopic jar
Rosetta Stone
Clovis point

2. Famous Archaeologists.    
Explain what each archaeologist discovered or studied.


3. Tools of Archaeology      5 POINTS
Watch the power point Tools of the Archaeologist found at:
While viewing, record the names of the tools you observed being used.


4. The Process of Archaeology      5 POINTS
Read the article Archaeology 101 found at:
Describe each of the following steps of the archaeological process.


5. Archaeological Sites      5 POINTS
Describe these ways in which archaeologists determine the age of sites, structures, or artifacts.

6.  Investigate an Archaeological Sites.      10 POINTS
Choose ONE of the following archaeological sites.

Create a project: a report, a poster, a foldable book, or a slide show.
Your project should answer the following questions:

Time or Trash

7. Time Capsule     5 POINTS

Research a time capsule that has been recently opened.
Where was the time capsule found?
What was the age of the time capsule?
Make a list of the items that were in the time capsule.
On the list record why you think that item was included.

Select 10 objects to put in a time capsule not to be opened until the year 3000.
Your goal is to explain 21st-century teenagers to people of the future.
On the list record what archaeologists a thousand years from now might learn about you and the culture in which you live.


8. Trash Can Archaeology      15 POINTS

Make a list of the trash your family throws out during one week.
On the list record what it is, what it is made of, what it weighs, and anything else.
Trash Can Archaeology Record Sheet found at:

Hands on History

9. Native Americans      5 POINTS
Research American Indians who live or once lived in your area.
Choose one group of Indians.
Find out about traditional lifeways, dwellings, clothing styles, arts and crafts, and methods of food gathering, preparation, and storage. Describe what you would expect to find at an archaeological site for these people.


10. Settlers and Soldiers      5 POINTS
Research settlers or soldiers who were in your area at least one hundred years ago.
Find out about the houses or forts, ways of life, clothing styles, arts and crafts, and dietary habits of the early settlers, farmers, ranchers, soldiers, or townspeople who once lived in the area where your community now stands.
Describe what you would expect to find at an archaeological site for these people.


11. You Be the Historian.      5 POINTS
Learn about the Springer family by examining evidence that they left behind.
Go to the web site: You Be the Historian found at:
Examine Clues #1-8.
Conclude your investigation by answering the Questions.
Use Questions For Future Historians found at:
When finished, compare your answers with those of scientists.

12. Plains Indian TeePee      10 POINTS
The teepee of the Plains Indians is a fine dwelling. It is a roomy structure in which a fire may be built, and is comfortable in extremes of heat or cold.
Use the teepee pattern and decorations to make your own teepee model.
Patterns and decorations found at:

13. Archaeology Careers      5 POINTS
Identify three career opportunities in archaeology.

Pick one and explain how to prepare for such a career.
I choose _______________________


14. Early Civilizations
     10 POINTS
the following Civilizations.
Record the time period, the location, and major accomplishments.

  Civilization     Time Period     Location/Cities      Major Accomplishments      Famous People 


15. Kennewick Man     5 POINTS
Who was the "Kennewick Man?"

Explain the controversy that surrounded the "Kennewick Man."



16. Ancient Artifacts     10 POINTS
You have completed excavation on an ancient site in the American Southwest.
You are now ready to begin analyzing the artifacts.
Find out about the people who lived at the site.







       SciArchAncientArtifacts.bmp (1895758 bytes)



17. Wonders of the World

_____ A. Seven Ancient Wonders     15 POINTS
Research and create a list of the seven wonders.
Choose one of the "Wonders" and create a project: a poster, trading cards, a brochure, a foldable book, a slideshow, or a video that will display the wonder you have chosen.


18. Seven Wonders of _____________ (your city).      15 POINTS
Create a  list of the Seven Wonders of ____________ (your city).
Create a project: a poster, a brochure, a foldable book, a slideshow, a set of trading cards or a video that will display the wonders you have chosen.
A picture of each of your "Seven Wonders".
A paragraph that describes each wonder.

19. Historic House Research     15 POINTS
You're intrigued by an old house and you want to know its story.  How can you find out when it was built, who lived there, how it may have changed overtime.  Learn about the architectural style and the development of the neighborhood.  Historic House Research involves detective work.  You will learn about the owners, the architects, and the builders.  You may find stories about events that happened at the Historic House.  Your research will take you to libraries, city and county offices, newspaper offices, and historical societies.  If the Historic House is well-known it may be listed on the National Register of Historic Houses. Some of your work may already have been completed by other researchers. 
    Start your work in the library looking in the local historical collection. You may need a legal description which you can secure at the county or township assessor's office.  Search for abstracts and deeds at local and county government offices.  Deeds will allow you to create a chain of owners.

You could just answer the questions or you could create a project about the Historical House.
Create a reference that the Historical house could use.
Use a folder and make the History of the "Historical House Name"
Each question would have its own page.
Pictures would be included.

Historic Houses in our area of Illinois and Iowa (Just a few)
Black's Store 1st Ave Hampton, IL
Burton Peek Home  822-11th Ave Moline, IL
Butterworth Center
Clarrisa Cook House 2223 W. 1st St Davenport, IA
Col. Davenport House Rock Island Arsenal
Connor-Parker House 702-20th St Rock Island IL
Deere-Weiman House
Denkman-Hauberg House  1300-24th St Rock Island, IL
LeClaire, Antoine House 630-E. 7th St Davenport, IA
Palmer, B.J. House 808 Brady St Davenport, IA
Peterson, Max Mansion  1607 W. 12th St Davenport, IA
Potter House 1906-7th Ave Rock Island, IL
Quarters One Rock Island Arsenal
Rodman-Searle House 2532-8½ Ave Rock Island, IL
Stauduhar House 1609-21st St Rock Island, IL
Von Maur House 1326 E. River Drive Davenport, IA



20. Pack the Truck     10 Points
You are in charge of 1 expedition truck for an archeological dig.
You need carry yourself and 3 other team members on a 4-month (120-day) expedition.
You need to take into account the weight limitations of your trucks.
You need to determine the weight of your team members and supplies and equipment.
Answer the questions and use the truck diagrams to load your equipment.

Find Pack the Truck at:


21 Where to Look     10 Points
You are a paleontologist and want to discover new Cretaceous dinosaurs in the Sahara Desert in Africa.

First, you go to the library to look for previous scientific reports on the area.  You find one report with pictures of large pieces of fossil bones that look like they might belong to a dinosaur.  The report also mentions that there is a large area of exposed rock where the fossil fragments were found.   This sounds interesting, but there is no map that shows exactly where the fossil fragments were found.  All you know is that the fossils were found somewhere near an oasis called In Gall.

You return to the library to study maps of the area.  You find a geographic map and a geologic map of the area (see next page).   Now you have the information you need to lead an expedition to the area and decide the best place to look for fossils.

Find Where to Look at:

Accuracy of Fossils and Dating Methods found at:

Archaeology Magazine found at:

Careers in Archaeology found at:

Dig Glossary found at:

Kennewick Man found at:

National Register of Historic Places-IL found at:

Plains Indian Tee-Pees found at:

Profiles of Archaeologists found at:

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World found at: