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Observation of Earthworms             Name__________________ Period ____

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Body color  
Length of worm (cm)  
Number of segments from the anterior end of worm to the egg sac  
Tail region: can you see the anus  
Color of egg sack  
Other observations about your earthworm  

Earthworm Anatomy

Complete this chart by referring to the diagram, the Earthworm Anatomy section of the Worm Watch web site, and the living worm. The first one has been done for you.

  1. Locate each part of the worm.
  2. Describe the location using terms such as anterior, posterior, dorsal, and ventral.
  3. Use the Earthworm Anatomy handout to help you summarize the function of each part of the earthworm.

Name Of Part

Description and Sketch of the Part

Location of Part

Function of Part


The Prostomium is the first body segment.

Anterior end of the worm on its dorsal surface

The Prostomium contains the mouth.

Egg Sac

Saddle or annular?
Flared or Unflared
Setae Pattern

Closely Paired, Widely Paired, or Separate?