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       Dino Names

1.   Write each Latin and Greek descriptors on a card and keep the cards separate by category. 

2.   Kids will pick a Color, Size, Shape, Texture, Numbers, and Animal Parts card.

3.   Kids will combine the 6 cards to make a dinosaur name. 

4.   Add -saurus (lizard, reptile) to the end of the dinosaur's name.
      For example, one combination might be, "albi-, grandi-, plani-, lasio-, duo-, ungui-."
      These would be combined with the word -saurus, to form: "albigrandiplanilasioduounguisaurus,"
      or, in English, a "white, large, flat, hairy, two-clawed lizard."

5.   Kids can rearrange the six descriptors any way they would like.

6.   Draw a picture of what your dinosaur would look like.

(G) indicates a combining form from Greek and (L) indicates a combining form from Latin.

black - (L) atri-, nigri-; (G) melano-.
blue - (L) cerule-; (G) cyano-.
green - (L) viridi-; (G) chloro-.
white - (L) albi-; (G) leuco-.
yellow - (L) flav-; (G) xantho-.
dwarf - (L) pumili-; (G) nano-
gigantic - (L) ingenti-; (G) colosso-.
large - (L) grandi-; (G) macro-, mega-.
short - (L) brevi-; (G) brachy-
tall - (L) proceri-, alti-; (G) aepy-.
curved - (G) cyrto-, gampso-.
egg-shaped - (L) ovat-
flat - (L) plani-; (G) platy-.
hollow - (L) cavi-; (G) coelo-.
horned - (L) cornut-; (G) cerato-.
round - (L) circuli-; (G) cyclo-, gyro-.
bare - (L) nudi-; (G) gymno-.
bearded - (L) criniti-; (G) pogono-.
hairy - (L) hirsut-; (G) lasio-, trichodo-
rough - (L) asper-; (G) trachy-.
spiny - (L) spini-; (G) acantho-, echino-.
wrinkled - (L) corrugat-; (G) rugos-.
one - (L) mono-; (G) uni-.
two - (L) bi-, duo; (G) di-.
three - (L) tri-; (G) tria-.
four - (L) quadri-; (G) tetra-.
seven - (L) septem-; (G) hepta-.
ten - (L) decim-; (G) deca-
Animal Parts
beak - (L) rostr-; (G) rhyncho-.
claw - (L) ungui-; (G) chelo-, onycho-.
foot - (L) pedi-; (G) podo-.
head - (L) capit-; (G) cephalo-.
tail - (L) caud-; (G) cerco-.
tooth - (L) denti-; (G) odonto-.


Greek and Latin Descriptors

a, ar, and no, not
acro top
allo strange
alti tall, high
angusti sharp
apato deceptive
baro heavy, pressure
bi two
brachio arm
brachy short
bronto thunder
canthus spiked, spined
cera horned
coelo hollow
compso pretty
dactyl finger
deino terrible
derm skin
di two
don, den tooth
dromaeo running
drypto wounding
echino spinny
elmi foot
gnathus jaw
hetero mixed
lana wooly
lepto slender
lestes robber
lopho ridged
luro tail
macro large
maia good mother
mega huge
metro measured
mimus mimic
mono single
morpho shaped
mucro pointed
nano dwarf
nodo lumpy
nycho clawed
ornitho bird
pachy thick
ped, pos, pes foot
penta five
phalangia toes
phobo fearsome
placo, plateo flat
pola, poly many
preno sloping
ptero winged
quadri four
raptor thief
rex king
rhinot nose
saurus lizard, reptile
segno slow
stego roofed
steneo narrow
stenotes finger
stereo twin
stuthio ostrich
tarbo alarming
tetra four
thero beast
top head, face
tri three
tyranno tyrant
velox, veloci speedy, fast