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Voyage of the Beagle Questions   

1.  When did the Beagle  set sail from Devenport, England? __________________________

2.  On January 6th, 1831 the Beagle reached Teneriffe. Name the disease that they didn't want the

     natives to catch.   _____________________________

3. What has caused  the soil of Porto Praya to be unfit for vegetation? _________________

4.  Name three animals Darwin saw near Rio de Janeiro.  ___________________________

5.  July 24, 1833.  The most southern colony in the world was at what latitude? __________

6.  In Buenos Aires Darwin found a Scelidotherium, it was as  large as a rhinoceros, but it resembled 

     two other animals.  The ______________________ and the _______________________.

7.  How many different kinds of animals did Darwin discover on the beach in Buenos Aires? _____

8.  January 9, 1834.  Darwin found the the land mass for a distance of 1200 miles had been uplifted

     ________ to ________ feet.  Darwin knew this land was underwater at one time because he

     found ______________ on the land.

9.  January 19, 1835.  What geological event did Darwin see? __________________________

10. February 20, 1835.  What geologic event did Darwin feel? ____________________

11. March 4th, 1835.  This earthquake caused a  _____________________.

12. Name the ocean current keeps the Galapagos Islands cool? ______________

13. How many finch species did Darwin find on the Galapagos Islands? ____________

14. Identify as male or female finch.  Brown body _____________   Black body. _____________

15. If a turtle has a long tail is it a male or female? ______________________

16. In Tahiti, as the Beagle anchored , they were surrounded by natives in  _________________.

17. Sydney, Australia.   The cliff-formed shores around the harbor were made of what kind of 

      rock? ____________________

18. The Cocos Islands are lagoon-islands made of what material?  ______________________.

19. July 19, 1836  How were these islands formed? ___________________________________

20. When did Darwin return to England? _______________________________