ScarletTanager.GIF - 2672 Bytes Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea   Bird Migration

Use the bird banding data and mark the locations on your map for recoveries of the Scarlet Tanager.  Bird banding is a tool that helps a biologist determine the age and sex of a bird, how long they live, where they nest, their migration route and habitat needs.

Scarlet Tanager Song

Tanager found dead in Massachusettes 10/27/2006

Tanager found along a road in Illinois after being hit by a car 7/29/2006  

Tanager found injured in North Carolina 6/28/2005

Tanager banded in Ontario is found dead in Ohio three months later 9/21/2006

Tanager banded in Tennessee is later recaptured by a bander in Quebec 6/7/1997

Tanager banded in Quebec is found dead three months later in Missouri 9/8/2006

Ohio resident with binoculars reported seeing a Tanager with a blue color band 5/28/1996

Tanager caught by hand in Maine 8/15/1998

Tanager found dead on highway in Ontario 9/1/1997

Tanager found dead due to parasite infestation in Minnesota 7/22/2005

Tanager killed in Wisconsin by a boy with a BB gun 8/29/1998

Tanager found dead due to pesticide spraying in Iowa 7/17/2003

A color marked Tanager was reported by an observer in Quebec 7/9/1987

Tanager banded in Ohio is found injured in Michigan 8/4/1997

Tanager taken in Peru for food on  3/4/1994

Tanager found dead in Minnesota 9/30/1997

Tanager banded in Georgia is found 5 years later by a bander in Ontario 7/2/2006

Tanager caught in Pennsylvania after being forced down and weakened by bad weather 10/1/1998

Tanager in Illinois killed by a moving aircraft 5/27/2005

Tanager caught as a result of an unknown animal in Minnesota

Tanager caught by a cat in Minnesota

Tanager in Missouri found dead after striking an antenna

Tanager recaptured almost a year later in the same place that it was banded in Wisconsin

Tanager recaptured one year later in the same place that it was banded in Ontario 6/22/2006

Tanager banded in Kentucky on 4/28/2002 and recaptured in Michigan by another bander on 5/28/2005

Tanager caught in a mist net in Venezuela on 1/9/2006 was banded in Ohio on 7/12/2004

Tanager found dead in Equador on 12/19/2005

Tanager shot in Peru on 2/23/2003 was banded in Minnesota on 6/19/2004

Tanager taken in Peru for food on 3/4/2003

1. Does the Scarlet Tanager migrate? ____________

2. What is its range.  Farthest northern country________________
                                Farthest southern country________________

3. Are there different areas or do all Scarlet Tanagers stay together.

4.  When does the southern migration begin? ________________________

5. When do the birds begin their return to the North? __________________________

6. Any idea of the life span of the Scarlet Tanager? ______________

7.  During what months of the year is the Scarlet Tanager in South America? ___________________

8. During what months of the year is the Scarlet Tanager in North America? ___________________